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N64 classic Perfect Dark has been decompiled for PC

Perfect Dark

Rares classic Nintendo 64 shooter Perfect Dark has been decompiled, meaning PC ports and mods will now be possible.

Coder Ryan Dwyer is behind this, working on both the launch NTSC version and a later re-release that fixed various bugs (thanks VGC).

We can now expect PC players to have plenty of fun improving the visuals of the game, or simply messing around with Joanna Dark, Elvis the alien and more.

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This isnt the first N64 game to be decompiled for PC ports.

Super Mario 64 was ported to PC back in 2019 resulting in various projects, from adding fully ray-traced graphics (as analysed by Digital Foundry) to turning the game into a terrifying first person horror experience.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was similarly decompiled earlier this year; modders quickly got to work with improving the visuals.

As for the future of Perfect Dark, the next game is being developed by The Initiative with co-development by Crystal Dynamics. Microsoft has assured the game isnt in trouble despite assistance from the second studio.

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