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MultiVersus leak reveals Gremlin antagonist Stripe is coming to brawl

A new leak for Warner Bros. brawler MultiVersus has revealed that both Stripe from Gremlins and DCs Black Adam will be joining the battle roster.

As revealed by _FireMonkey on Twitter, the twosome can be seen in the games season one startup screen, which Warner Bros. set live a little too early. The company had originally said that upcoming fighters would be teased in MultiVersus start up screen, but unfortunately the developer jumped the gun a bit on that one.

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Superman and co show off their MultiVersus moves.

The duo will join the likes of current characters such as Bugs Bunny, Batman and Arya Stark. Meanwhile, Morty of Rick and Morty fame will be joining the fray on 23rd August.

Slightly Higher Quality image: https://t.co/2QOFC35Wjh pic.twitter.com/idwQgX95Go

— 🎄 Santa Ricky (@_FireMonkey) August 15, 2022

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While Black Adams impending inclusion to the game makes sense – after all, his upcoming film starring The Rock makes this character a timely addition to the roster – Stripe is more of a surprise.

All the same, I am curious about what moves he will bring to the battle whenever he enters the fray.

In addition to this slip, another MultiVersus rumour doing the rounds is that a more in-depth story mode will be coming to the game. This has come to light after one dataminer came across references to it in the games credits.

We MIGHT have a Story or so a Story Mode for Multiversus pretty soon as this is in the credits for the game pic.twitter.com/P70dwBYi9z

— Susie – Multiversus Leaks (@multiversusie) August 14, 2022

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Meanwhile, ahead of the games season one release today, the developer laid out some patch notes.

These reveal that several characters will be getting nerfed in the new season, with Bugs Bunny no longer being able to split into two rockets and LeBrons solo dunk will no longer spawn a shockwave on the ground.

Tom from Tom and Jerry is more than happy with this news…

Tom and Jerry mains reading the Multiversus Season 1 Patch Notes like pic.twitter.com/ZcnB0yUyTI

— Monkey D. Lenny | Vtuber (@MonkeyDLenny) August 15, 2022

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For a full rundown on these MutltiVersus notes, you can check out our guide here.

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