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MultiVersus is off to flying start on Steam

Warner Bros brawler MultiVersus has seen a strong start on Steam, following the arrival of its open beta yesterday.

At the time of writing, its player count is sitting at a comfortable 49,486, with a peak of 144,456 today.

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Holy Paderewski, Batman!

These numbers currently put it ahead of other popular (although admittedly older) games such as Monster Hunter Rise, Destiny 2 and Fifa 22.

And while games such as Ark: Survival Evolved and Rust do have a higher player count, MultiVersus peak is still significantly above either (Ark has a peak of 96,205, while Rust has a peak of 92,423).

Eurogamers editor-in-chief Martin had a whirl at the eclectic and IP riddled fighting game earlier this year, commenting how fun it is “seeing Superman fight against Scooby Doos Velma”.

“Whats always set [Nintendos Smash Bros] apart is the detail and love for the source material, and while the details in MultiVersus arent quite as polished you can at least sense that passion beneath it all. Its a daft thing and it knows it, and has fun with it.”

Meanwhile, Warner Bros is giving the people what they want (and what Nintendont anymore) by hosting a MultiVersus brawler tournament at Evo 2022.

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