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MultiVersus 1.04 update adds Halloween cosmetics and Gremlins' Stripe

The next update for Warner Bros. brawler MultiVersus is here, and with it has brought the, quite frankly terrifying, gremlin Stripe along with a host of Halloween themed cosmetics.

Stripes arrival follows that of fellow Gremlins alum Gizmo. Unlike Gizmo, however, Stripe will wield a chainsaw – you know, for those times when you want to go full Ash Williams.

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Stripes standard look is unlockable with either 2000 Gold, one Character Ticket, or 700 Gleamium. If you fancy something a little bit more Rambo-like, you can unlock his Combat Stripe variant with 800 Gleamium.

Its Stripe!

In addition to Stripes arrival on the scene, this update also adds a new Lady Rainicorn announcer pack to the games store. Meanwhile, a new map will be making its way into the game “very soon”. On this, the developers state that this map will be “experimental” and only playable in custom games.

Rain on me.

Now, onto those Halloween goodies. There will be a Halloween event held in game between the 15th October and 15th November. Throughout this month-long period, players will be able to earn candy when playing against others or even bots. Candy can then be used to purchase various goodies including a Jack-O-Lantern Emote Sticker (which will set you back by 500 candy) or the Mummy Reindog Epic Variant (3000 candy). You can also exchange your candy winnings for gold in the Candy Shop.

If you want to earn extra candy during this time, the developer suggests playing with Combat Stripe, Combat Gizmo, or “other Halloween exclusive skins!”

As for those skins, players will be able to unlock the Mummy Reindog with 6000 candy and Calico Cake with 12,000 candy.

Get wrapped up with Reindog.

All other new skins will be purchasable with Gleamium. These are Vampire Tom and Jerry (800 Gleamium), Frankenstein Iron Giant (1500 Gleamium), Witch Velma 1500 Gleamium), Black Lantern Superman (2000 Gleamium), and Black Lantern Wonder Woman (also 2000 Gleamium).


— Susie – Multiversus Leaks (@multiversusie) October 12, 2022

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Meanwhile, the MultiVersus team has lowered the same attack limit. It was four, but now it is three. The developer has said this move, it hopes, will encourage players to “explore new and more exciting combo routes”.

In addition to this, the time it takes to “regain ticks of the dodge metre” has been increased, something that aims to “increase the importance of the dodge metre and thereby increase the importance of perks affecting the dodge metre as well.”

You can read the full patch notes for this MultiVersus update here.

Eurogamer recently awarded MultiVersus with a Recommended badge. In his review, Henry Stockdale called the game a “very pleasant surprise”.

“I wasnt entirely convinced by MultiVersus when it leaked. Weve seen countless platform fighters challenge Super Smash Bros across the decades, usually falling flat.

“[Ill] gladly admit those initial impressions were wrong,” he continued. “Even as a free-to-play game that carries the usual monetisation pitfalls, MultiVersus sets itself apart where it matters.”

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