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More Stray mods for you to paw over

Cait Sith mod for Stray.

If I was a cat, I think I wouldve lost one of my nyan lives already with my pun game in my first mod round-up. But alas, the Stray modding community continues to give, and I am therefore compelled to continue cataloguing their work (see, that one wasnt even noticeable! That wasnt painful now, was it?).

First up, theres another mod for the dog lovers among us, thanks to MrMarco1003, this time with Bolt from the titular Disney movie. The mod also changes Strays meows into barks, and youll get to see Bolt chilling out with his identically-shaped fur-iends at the beginning of the game.

With the dog lovers placated, lets move onto the modifications for us cat lovers.

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Bolt in Stray.
Bolt and his pals.

mal4m has added Cait Sith to the game, and he looks absolutely adorable. Sporting his mew and updated look from the Final Fantasy 7 remake, his trademark cape has been swapped for the backpack the player would normally wear, but with a red and black colour scheme. And some bespoke Final Fantasy graphics.

mal4m has even included an alternative face version where Cat Siths eyes are closed, and he looks exactly like his original incarnation in 1997.

Cait Sith modded into Stray.
Cat Sith. Look at that cheeky little face.

Spider-cat, Spider-cat, does whatever a Spider-cat does. Strays usual tabby dons its superhero costume and transforms into Milo, inspired by Miles Morales, in this mod from crubino. His mask has the same webbing pattern as Miles suit and his little whiskers pop through.

Miles Morales inspired mod for Stray.
Milo Morales.

Maybe playing as a domesticated animal is just too boring for you. Maybe youre looking fur something a litter bit dif-fur-rent. Maybe Spyro can scratch that itch for you. Courtesy of MrMarco1003 again, you can roam around the game as the lovable purple dragon. Its quite apt considering Spyros spunky catitude and his cat-like idle animations in Reignited Trilogy.

Spyro mod for Stray.
Spyro, along with a powered-up version of himself.

If youd rather tap into the world of a sophisticated kitty then check out this mod which changes the player into Marie from The Aristocats by huckpie. Everybody wants to be a cat, after all.

Marie from The Aristocats in Stray.
Marie keeping it classy.

Kaijauthentics has done the exact opposite, adding the Minecraft pig in all its blocky rotundness. It doesnt oink but hey, hes enjoying exploring a world that isnt conf(el)ined to right angles. Think about it from that purrspective. If you started meowing and you had been transported to a place that has angles you couldnt even imagine, youd be fureaking out too.

Minecraft pig in Stray.
I can show you the world. Shining, shimmering, splendid.

And last but by no means least, skylightglare and ilikedetectives are letting you live out your magi-cat girl transformation dreams with this Sailor Moon mod . Although its still in progress, you can currently choose between Luna, Diana or Artemis with various colour customisations.

Sailor Moon Luna in Stray.
Lunas original look from the anime recreated in Stray.

In the words of Tuxedo Mask, my work here is done. Huh, I wonder if anyones working on a Tuxedo Mask cat mod…

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