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Modder dives into Demon's Souls files following PS5 jailbreak, discovers fabled Ring of the Chieftain

Earlier this month, high-profile modder Lance McDonald announced that the PlayStation 5 had been “jailbroken”.

Now, following the discovery of this jailbreaking exploit, McDonald has been rifling around in the files for both BluePoints Demons Souls remake and those of the elusive Abandoned from developer Blue Box Game Studio.

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When having a closer look at those files for Demons Souls, McDonald came across a rather endearing and fun inclusion by developer BluePoint Games. It turns out that there are 3D model files for the one and only Ring of the Chieftain tucked away in the PS5 remake.

This ring and its entire existence was actually created as a bit of fun by the Demons Souls community back in the games PS3 days. At this time, it was never actually a real in-game item, although many thought it was, such was the communitys united conviction.

Word got around that Demons Souls players could obtain the mysterious Ring of the Chieftain if they kept NPC Yurt alive. There were even screenshots of this ring being purchased shared around the internet, but at the end of the day this was all just a playful hoax.

Image via Imgur.

However, while it may have started out as a bit of fun from Demons Souls players, the story clearly caught the attention of the games developer enough that it debated including the ring in some way as a little Easter egg of sorts in its 2020 remake.

McDonald acknowledges that these files could be no more than cut content, but all the same it is a really charming find by the modder.

Years ago, Demon’s Souls fans made up a fictional item called “Chieftain’s Ring”, which inspired the community to go on a wild goose chase search for it. For the remake, BluePoint Games actually created it! However, no one knows how to find it. Thanks @EyesGarden for the render! https://t.co/1A2YaZnJCk pic.twitter.com/g91rhNgPDC

— Lance McDonald (@manfightdragon) October 11, 2022

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Thanks to the new jailbreak, we can actually read the 3D model files on the disc and see what the ring looks like now. It could very well be cut content but the fact that BluePoint acknowledged the ring at all is pretty cool. I’m hoping it’s still a secret left to be discovered.

— Lance McDonald (@manfightdragon) October 11, 2022

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In addition to this find, McDonald also took a closer look at the Real-time Trailer Experience for the PS5s Abandoned (which, in case you missed it, is widely considered within the gaming community to be some sort of very convoluted scam. This all stems from some confusing behaviour by developer Blue Box, which includes deleting various tweets about the game itself and those pertaining to a supposed upcoming demo).

In the files of this experience, McDonald came across a map known as “PT2”. On this, McDonald reacted much as we all would, stating the developer clearly had “more fake its secretly a silent hill project bullshit teases” up its sleeve.

Despite long since learning that @BBGameStudios’ “Abandoned” was mostly a farce, it’s still interesting, thanks to the new jailbreak, to begin datamining the “Real-time Trailer Experience” the developer released on PlayStation 5 some time ago. (Thanks to @Kempy161 for dumping it) pic.twitter.com/V81aOLqP8q

— Lance McDonald (@manfightdragon) October 10, 2022

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There’s a map called “PT2” 🤣 looks like he had more fake “it’s secretly a silent hill project” bullshit teases planned at some point? pic.twitter.com/s9orEKIUVX

— Lance McDonald (@manfightdragon) October 10, 2022

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On the subject of Abandoned, the developer previously stated the game had not been cancelled despite it falling off the face of the earth. However, a report in June claimed that Abandoned is “not actively being worked on” and “there is no game” in development.

These are just two games that have now been accessed through the PS5 jailbreak. What could be next?

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