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Mega Drive Mini 2 will have tenth of previous retro console's supply

Segas Mega Drive Mini 2 console will only have a tenth of the supply compared to the previous retro console in North America.

Whats more, Western customers will need to purchase the console through Amazon Japans storefront due to the ongoing semiconductor shortage, reports Polygon.

The console was originally intended as a Japan-only product, but “by using Amazons Japan Store system, we found that at least a small number of units could be sold via Amazon.com, so a portion was allocated to make the North American version,” says a Sega representative.

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Amazon lists the console at $108.07, but shipping from Japan adds an extra $21.99, according to Polygon.

The console will launch on 27th October in North America and Japan and include over 50 games installed from both the Mega Drive and Sega CD. Sega also boasts games never seen before will be included.

Additionally, it will include the six-button controller rather than the original three-button.

A release date for Europe is yet to be announced – including price and availability.

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