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Mass Effect fan reimagines first game with Arcane's introduction

A fan of the original Mass Effect has created an opening credits sequence for the game – in the style of League of Legends animated show Arcane, one of the best things on Netflix.

Posted to reddit by user ZeoNyph, the video replaces the models of Arcanes heroes with Mass Effects main characters. So, in place of Arcanes sister stars Vi and Jynx, we have FemShep and Liara – a little generous to the latter perhaps, though both Liara and Jynx are associated with the colour blue.

Next up, theres brief shots of boring Kaiden Alenko swapped into the place of Jayce, fan-favourite engineer fangirl Tali in the place of Viktor, and then space bro Garrus – who as a cop gets the spot of Caitlyn.

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We take a look at the Mass Effect trilogys Legendary Edition.

The adorable Heimerdinger is space racist Ashley, which seems very unfair, while Liara (again) is Mel, and father figure Anderson is of course Vander.

Big baddie Saren is of course Silco.

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Arcanes actual opening credits for comparison.

Yes, things are currently quiet in Mass Effect land, but then the space opera franchises next installment is still some years away.

For clues on its story, we analysed BioWares teasing poster image released last year to discover a few big clues to the next Mass Effects story.

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