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Lost Ark's Mystics and Mayhem update is now live

Lost Arks Mystics and Mayhem update is now live.

The event – just-oh-so-coincidentally releasing ahead of Halloween – “celebrates Autumn and the scary season”, boasting new costumes, enemies, a new Harvest Festival event, and three new raids: Mystic Abyss, Vykas Legion, and and Achates Trial Guardian.

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Ian Higtons Lets Play of the beginning of Lost Ark.

The former, Abyss, is available for character level 1302+ and will run until 16th November, whilst Bykas Legions Inferno difficulty requires a level of 1460.

The Achates Trial Raid opens “simultaneously at a more friendly time for all regions” later today, at 6pm tonight UK time.

Theres also competitive proving grounds season 2, where “competitive play ratings have been compressed and adjusted based on performance from previous seasons”.

As for the Harvest Festival?

“The Aldebaran Harvest Festival is a traditional Arkesian festival to commemorate the time when Aldebaran (the god of life) brought life to the earth for the first time,” the team explains. “On this day when the biggest moon rises, there is a custom for the people of Arkesia to eat food crafted from the harvested grain and pray for each others health.

“The Aldebaran festival is held on the Mokomoko Night Market Island. Talk to Morimototo in cities to travel to Mokomoko Night Market Island. The Ocean liner will head to the island while the event is live. A new Island Soul and Una’s Task have been added for the Mokomoko Night Market Island.”

Complete a “short one-time quest chain” and youll get some rewards for completing daily quests. Theres also Halloween-themed costumes, pets and a pumpkin carriage mount to collect, too.

Amazon Games recently outlined its plan for MO Lost Ark with a new development roadmap.

From now until the end of the year, the team is hoping to introduce three new raids – Mystic Abyss Vycas Legion, and Achates Trial Guardian – as well the Reaper Advanced class in November, and the Summoner Advanced class in December.

In the Lost Ark Eurogamer review, we said: “action-packed dungeons make Lost Arks early stages a real romp, but without a convincing hook beyond the combat, things get a little stale”.

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