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Lego officially announces Atari 2600 set

The Lego Atari.

Lego has officially announced an Atari 2600 set in celebration of Ataris 50th anniversary. More details of the set have been released, following from rumours first reported on in April.

The main component of the set is the life-size replica model of the console, but thats not all.

The 2532-piece kit will also include a joystick, three game cartridges, and a small diorama display for each of the games included.

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The cartridges, for Asteroids, Adventure, and Centipede, can actually be inserted into the console itself. Theres also a cartridge holder for when youve got one of the other games loaded in the consoole.

The Lego Atari - reverse of its box.
The Lego Atari in its box.

The Lego Atari cartridges.
Fittingly, ET the Extra-Terrestrial was not included in the selection of games.

To top it all off, theres a vignette hidden inside the console of a child playing Asteroids on a big ol CRT television in their bedroom.

The Lego Atari detail.
Johnny Thunder, the Indiana Jones of Lego, makes sure you know youre in the 80s.

This will be the second Lego set of a console to be released, after the Nintendo Entertainment System, and comes hot off the heels of the announcement of The Mighty Bowser a couple of weeks ago. The Lego Atari 2600 set will be available from 1st August and is priced at £210 / $240. You can read Legos official announcement here.

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