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Latest Vampire Survivors patch adds cheat codes and new characters to the fray

Were still not quite at the 1.0 release for Vampire Survivors, but we are at least now one step closer.

Following on from the recent release of patch 0.9, developer Poncle has now released patch 0.10.0 for the game, or in its words, “The Not One” patch. You can see a teaser for it below.

What is a vampires favourite fruit? A blood orange!

This patch brings with it a host of new content, such as new characters Cosmo Pavone and Big Trousers. Players will also now be able to get two new achievements, a new Arcana and a new weapon.

Thats very nice and all, but its nothing on this. Cheats, cheats, and yet more glorious cheats.

You may have missed this, but in the trailer above there was a little preview of Vampire Survivors new cheat menu. It briefly spins across the screen when the narrator chats about the “things not of this world” in a slightly ominous fashion.

So, would you like to know some cheats that you can use? If youd prefer not to, please look elsewhere on Eurogamer for something to pass the time with. If you would like to know the cheats available, however, please see the list below:

Extras/ Jokes

  • spinnn : spins the UI for a bit


  • relaxenjoylife : unlocks Il Molise
  • honesty : unlocks Moongolow
  • dotgogreenacres : unlocks Green Acres
  • rottingpizza : unlocks The Bone Zone
  • peakgamedesign : unlocks Boss Rash


  • exdashexoneviiq : unlocks Exdash
  • tramezzini : unlocks Toastie (This one only works if Exdash is unlocked)

Main characters

  • noneladonna : Arca Ladonna
  • vivaladonna : Porta Ladonna
  • superladonna : Lama Ladonna
  • strongestcharacter : Poe Ratcho
  • bioparco : Dommario
  • faschiuma : Suor Clerici
  • accidenti : Krochi Freetto
  • crystalmakeup : Christine Davain
  • yattapanda : Yatta Cavallo
  • carramba : Bianca Ramba
  • reset : OSole Meeo
  • languorino : Sir Ambrojoe


  • thisshouldhavebeenunlockedbydefault : Grim Grimoire
  • thistooshouldhavebeenunlockedbydefault : Ars Gouda
  • leadmetothecheese : Milky Way Map
  • eggseggseggs : Glass Vizard
  • teleportustomars : Mindbender
  • randomazzami : Randomazzo + Arcana VI
  • icanhearthecriesofcaptainplanet : Great Gospel
  • thankelrond : Magic Banger
  • timecompression : Sorceress Tears
  • ihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenit : Yellow Sign

Secret characters

  • secondevolution : Gyorunton
  • earrivatolarrotino : Big Trouser
  • lhovistoio : Cosmo Pavone
  • fettinepanate : Boon Marrabbio
  • iwillneverletyouforgetaboutme : Leda
  • pinociampino : Peppino
  • highfive : Gains Boros
  • ablasphemousmockery : Mask of the Red Death

Meanwhile, the developer has also hinted at an on screen keyboard coming in the future for those that use gamepads or touchscreens to play.

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