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Indie mining game Dome Keeper gets a September release date


Indie mining action game Dome Keeper will release on 27th September.

In anticipation of the full release – which will be coming to Steam – developer Bippinbits will be taking down its free playable demo on 5th September, so dont hang about if youve been meaning to try it.

Dome Keeper – Official Gameplay Trailer | gamescom 2022

Dome Keeper – once known as Dome Romantik – boasts “beautiful updated pixel art, atmospheric music and sound” and sees you defend your dome from wave after wave of hostile attacks in this roguelike survival miner. Inbetween attacks, you need to dig beneath the surface in search of valuable resources which can be used to make upgrades to help you stay alive and “make it to the next world”.

“Dome Keeper is a thrillingly bad time,” Donlan wrote in his recent Dome Keeper preview. “You know this sort of game: claustrophobic, tense, mercilessly well designed. A sharp design. The best kind of awful.


In preparation for release, the demo will be taken down on the 5th of September at 00:00 PDT!

Weve really enjoyed seeing how much you love the demo and we cant wait for you to get your hands on the full game. More news soon! pic.twitter.com/THlbuC4R45

— DomeKeeper (@DomeKeeper) August 21, 2022

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“At first, playing the recent demo, I was like: hey, this is SteamWorld Dig! Kind of. Im on an strange planet, protected by a funny little dome. Theres a tunnel leading down, so down I go. I hit rock and start to drill. The rock breaks. Sometimes it contains gems, which I can haul back up to the dome to be processed. Sometimes Im just making empty tunnels. The walls around me alive with possible riches. Where do I want to dig next?”

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