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Ian catalogues 25 purrfect Easter eggs found in Stray

A Doc Brown Back to the Future Easter Egg in Stray

The gorgeous cyberpunk world of kitty-simulator Stray may be full of hungry Zurks, but it seems there was still enough room left over for developer BlueTwelve Studio to include a huge amount of Easter eggs.

Ive cataloged 25 such secrets and references in the video below, ranging from hidden developer messages and musical memes, through to nods to famous books, games and TV shows.

One word of warning though, this video does show footage from most areas in the game so do think about paws-ing it until youve completed the game; if you want to avoid spoilers.

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As you can see, Stray is absolutely purr-sting with Easter eggs, but did I find them all? Do let me know in the comments below if mew spot any that Ive missed.

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