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Hitman 3 patch brings tropical new map, other gameplay fixes detailed

IO Interactive has detailed all the improvements and new content that comes with Hitman 3s latest patch today.

First up, we have a better look at Ambrose Island, Hitman 3s new and free map. Its a tropical romp full of sandy shores, lush vegetation… and more than just a few places to hide a body. Sounds right up 47s street. The map will additionally bring new items for 47 to unlock, including a swashbuckling Kukri Machete, the Guerilla Wetsuit and a Molotov Cocktail to name a few.

IO has also revealed the opening cinematic for the Ambrose Island mission, which has some familiar faces as well as new targets within. You can see it for yourself below.

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Oooh ahhh, its Ambros(ia) Island.

As for other additions to Hitman 3, this patch brings DLSS version 2.4.3 to PC, as well as changes to Activity Cards for PlayStation 5 users. Once this update is rolled out, players should see “more relevant” ones shown “based on what you own”. Players should also see an overall improvement in the games stability on all platforms.

Meanwhile, this patch will finally stop that Tropical suit from Haven Island being “waaay too shiny” and NPCs should no longer get stuck in an animation loop after 47 knocks them out with a sedative syringe. In IOIs words, “shes stopped gurgling”.

You can check out the full patch notes for Hitman 3 here.

Meanwhile, for more on the life and times of an assassin, check out Eds interview with Hitman actors Jane Perry and David Bateson here.

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