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Here's new gameplay from upcoming sci-fi horror, The Callisto Protocol

Glen Schofield has shared another fresh peek at the denizens of The Callisto Protocol.

In a new interview, Striking Distance Studios CEO Schofield tells us a little more about how the upcoming sci-fi horror came to be and how the story was written, along with some all-new gameplay footage, too.

You can check out the brief interview below:

The Callisto Protocol: Glen Schofield On The Games Origin.

The footage shows the player getting ambushed by a terrifying creature and a frantic fight to get them off them… Twice.

We also get another look at the games dark, suffocating environments, the weapons well have at our disposal, and the various ways we can use them to shoot off bits of the grotesquely fleshy enemies. Yum!

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The Schofield cut of the most recent trailer for The Callisto Protocol is where youll find a fair representation of how much *ick* to expect in the final thing.

“[With previous title Dead Space], its about quality,” Schofield recently told Eurogamer. “Thats it. Thats all Im thinking about. Is that the best thing you can do? Thats normal thinking today. It wasnt back then in the 2000s. The 2000s were about movie games. Everybody made them, so it was about day and date. Dead Space was this new kind of thinking. Its about quality. Thats it.

“Im trying to have the same mindset with The Callisto Protocol – make the best game we can, lets try and hit all of our pillars of the game. Its got to be scary, tense – everything that we set out to do, lets just do it.”

The Callisto Protocol will release on 2nd December across consoles and PC and it will be a much gorier game than Dead Space.

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