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Here are all the FIFA 23 PS5, Xbox Series X and S, PC and Stadia exclusive gameplay features

FIFA 23 Jack Grealish

EA has confirmed FIFA 23s current-gen exclusive gameplay features, and in doing so outlined the differences between the various versions of the game.

FIFA 23 has certain features on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, PC (finally!) and Google Stadia that are not present on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

(Im leaving out the Nintendo Switch version here because, as we know, its yet another “Legacy Edition”.)

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FIFA 23 | Official Gameplay Deep Dive.

The current-gen version has whats called “HyperMotion2” gameplay tech. This is the next version of FIFA 22s HyperMotion gameplay, and combines 11v11 match capture with machine learning to create over 6000 animations.

EA Sports used special motion capture suits, called Xsens suits, to capture millions of frames of animation from two full football matches with professional teams, including the complete motion capture of a womens match (FIFA 23 has womens clubs in a series first).

Also exclusive to current-gen is what EA calls Technical Dribbling, which incorporates the Active Touch system from previous FIFA games to calculate a players path to the ball more intelligently. The upshot of this is turning and dribbling should feel more responsive. Responsiveness, or the lack of responsiveness, has long been a bugbear with FIFA fans.

Continuing the current-gen exclusive features, on these platforms Technical Dribbling is the new default dribble style using the left stick, and any player can perform it, although the quality of the dribble is still heavily dependent on the players dribbling attributes, as youd expect.

Current-gen versions also get the new “Machine Learning Jockey” system, which is about making Jockey (L2 or LT) or Sprint Jockey (L2+R2 or LT+RT) feel tighter and more responsive. The idea is ML Jockey acts as a counter to Technical Dribbling.

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FIFA 23 Pitch Notes: ML-Jockey.

Heres another annoyingly-styled current-gen exclusive gameplay feature: AcceleRATE. This system divides players into unique archetypes, with the goal of improving the viability of different player types in FIFA 23 (EA Sports has this goal with every FIFA, with varying success, so well see).

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FIFA 23 Pitch Notes: AcceleRATE.

Most players will fit into the default acceleration type EA calls “Controlled”, but there are two more: Explosive and Lengthy. Explosive acceleration is for players who can likely do better at short distances and one-on-one situations (the Kylian Mbappés and Vinícius Jrs of this world), whereas Lengthy is for players who are rapid but take a bit longer to get up to that speed, such as Virgil van Dijk. (Acceleration and Sprint Speed are still the main factors in determining how fast a player is overall.)

Next! Also exclusive to current-gen is “Composed Ball Striking”. This has to do with HyperMotion2, and means players should transition more smoothly in certain shooting situations that require the ball to be controlled first.

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FIFA 23 Pitch Notes: Composed Ball Striking.

Current-gen also gets “Kinetic Goalkeeper vs Header Battles” in FIFA 23. There are dozens of new interactions for when keepers go up against a player for a ball in the air. The hope here is keepers will more confidently jump to catch a cross, giving players peace of mind they will actually catch the ball.

There are four current-gen exclusive updates under the attacking positioning banner: better offside awareness; separation runs; pin down defenders; and updated tactical A.I.

On the defensive positioning side, current-gen gets defensive awareness quickness (how quickly defenders can get back into position if they are found outside of the zone they are intending to cover).

Current-gen versions of FIFA 23 include new impact physics. This means blocks from defenders can now result in grazing deflections, players legs and feet can be pushed away by the ball, and keepers arms, hands and even fingers will be pushed by the ball after deflections and saves. One to watch out for in replays.

Also on the physics side, current-gen gets “high fidelity” net interaction physics, which means the shape and the reaction of the nets are more realistic.

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FIFA 23 Pitch Notes: Physics.

And finally, there are brand new scenes on current-gen that can play out over the course of a match, with new crowd reactions and chants.

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FIFA 23 Pitch Notes: Power Shots.

Thats all your current-gen exclusive gameplay features for FIFA 23, which leaves everything else EA Sports has drummed up for FIFA 23 for both generations. So, the inclusion of womens football updates, power shots, redesigned set pieces, new skill moves and the new player switching system are available on all versions of FIFA 23, except Nintendo Switch (sorry!). For more, check out EAs detailed blog post.

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FIFA 23 Pitch Notes: Set Pieces.

Related, FIFA 23 has crossplay. Current-gen players can play 1v1 against each other (PS5, Xbox Series X and S, PC and Stadia), and last-gen players can play 1v1 against each other (PS4 and Xbox One).

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