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Halo Infinite match XP system overhaul incoming

As part of Halo Infinites Winter Update, 343 is giving its rather unpopular match XP system a welcome overhaul.

It was previously revealed that players will soon be able to earn XP just through playing, but now we have more detail.

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Halo Infinites Winter Update overview.

When this update goes live on 8th November, Halo Infinites “Match XP Beta” will see players rewarded for playing “whatever mode they want”.

Each individual players performance will then earn them additional rewards for things such as being part of the winning team.

343 will be “monitoring the values for each reward category, adjusting them as we move forwards with this new model”, hence the decision to call it a “beta” for now. Meanwhile, here is how it will all look in the game.

The Winter Update is “just the begining” changes coming to Halo Infinite.

343 stated some XP will still be able to be earned through completing Challenges, but that the Challenges themselves will now focus predominantly on the”path towards earning customisation items each week through the Ultimate Reward.”

In addition to this, 343 is reducing the number of Challenges required to hit “the Ultimate Challenge”. This will now be 10.

Challenges will also become more “general” when the Winter Update goes live next week, and can be completed in any playlist. 343 acknowledged many of Infinites players were not fans of queuing for a playlist they had no interest in actually taking part in, just to complete a Challenge for their battle pass.

“The Winter Update will mark the beginning of shifting all challenges to be playlist agnostic,” 343 stated, before confirming Event Challenges will be changed to better reflect this new shift in approach further down the line.

Lastly, 343 has addressed its Career Progression system. This is being worked on still, but more on this will be revealed “in the future”, with the developer stating its Winter Update is “just the beginning” of “broader changes” yet to make their way to Halo Infinite.

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