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Gotham Knights left open to hacks after developer accidentally disabled Denuvo

Earlier this week, Warner Bros. Montréal released a PC patch for Gotham Knights.

However, in doing so, it reportedly also removed Denuvo – the games anti-piracy software – by accident.

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While the developer has allegedly now reinstated this software, this slip-up left Gotham Knights free for hackers to, well, hack for a period of time (via Reddit).

It is not clear yet if this mistake will have any long-term consequences for the game, with some pointing out that even those with a pirated copy now in their possession wont necessarily be privy to any future updates and bug fixes. However, this latest incident is another bump on an already rocky road for Gotham Knights as a whole.

Since its launch, the game has been party to a series of performance issues across the board, with many reporting frame-rate drops, stutters, and frame-rate time fluctuations during their gameplay.

Warner Bros. Montréal is currently working on a larger patch to fix many of these issues, with the developer specifically looking to address the games “challenges with frame rate stability” on consoles.

In Eurogamers Gotham Knights review, Donlan did state the game was a bit of a “muddle”. However, he also acknowledged that while it has its issues, there is still plenty of “charm” to be found within.

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