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God of War Ragnarök has nine graphical modes across PS4 and PS5

Kratos in God of War Ragnarok

Sony has now officially detailed the full suite of graphical options available in God of War Ragnarök across both PlayStation 4 and PS5.

Some of these we knew already – specifically, the “Favour Resolution” and “Favour Performance” settings on PS5 which you can then modify further by applying the separate High Frame Rate (HFR) Mode.

Today, Sony has now detailed the potential for VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) to modify these settings even further, and also detailed the various specs you can expect across both PS4 and PS4 Pro. Phew!

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How will you play God of War Ragnarök?

As previously detailed, your main options on PS5 are Favour Performance (a variable resolution with a 60FPS target) or Favour Quality (a native 2160p 4K resolution with a 30FPS target).

These can be modified via implementing HFR Mode to offer a locked 1440p at an unlocked 60FPS, or a variable resolution with a 40FPS target. Using VRR as well as HFR lets you modify this further – as the table below shows.

On the base PS4, if youre feeling adventurous, youll get a 1080p resolution and a target of 30FPS.

Ragnarök tech specs.

On the PS4 Pro you can choose from Performance (a variable resolution with unlocked 30FPS rate) or Quality (a higher variable resolution with a 30FPS target).

And this is all before the game eventually at some point arrives on PC.

Speaking to Eurogamers Chris Tapsell last week as part of a deep dive into God of War Ragnaröks animation, Sony Santa Monica animation director Bruno Velazquez discussed how Ragnarök had been designed to be the “best PS4 game we can make” – with any extras from the PS5 version “just icing on the cake”.

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