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God of War Ragnarök gets fan-made PlayStation 1 demake trailer

God of War Ragnarök is an impressive looking game, there is no denying it. The sweeping vistas of the Nine Realms are breathtaking, and suit the norse epics overarching narrative perfectly.

But would this game work as well if it had been released in the 90s? Given the look of a recent fan-made demake trailer, I would absolutely have still played it!

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The demake trailer in question comes from creator Jackarte. It sees heroes Kratos and Atreus, as well as Ragnaröks towering god Tyr and the vengeful Freya, all reimagined as PlayStation 1 characters.

It is as blocky and awkward as you could possibly imagine, especially when Kratos and Tyr try to fist-bump each other, but I kind of feel that just adds to its charm. Dont get me wrong, I am very glad I am playing through Ragnarök on modern hardware, but I will always have a soft spot for retro games and reimaginings such as this one.

You can see what you think of Jackartes demake trailer for yourself by watching it below.

90s boy.

Meanwhile, God of War Ragnarök (as in the actual one from Santa Monica) is already pulling in some impressive numbers for Sony.

A report from last week revealed the games day one physical sales in the UK were greater than “any other full-week launch sales for other titles in this franchise”, making it on course to be one of the best performing first party Sony games. That is pretty good going!

If you are one of the many also making your way through Kratos and Atreus story, why not check out our guides to help you along. Here is one all about the Nornir chests and here are all the Raven locations. Happy adventuring all!

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