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God of War Ragnarök day one UK sales surpassed those of 2018’s launch week

God of War Ragnarök is already pulling in some impressive numbers for Sony.

According to charts firm GfK, the games day one physical sales in the UK were greater than “any other full-week launch sales for other titles in this franchise”.

Speaking to GameIndustry.biz, GfK boss Dorian Bloch stated “God of War Ragnarök will debut at No.1” on next weeks sales charts, while noting it is the “first cross-gen title in the series”.

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15 advanced God Of War Ragnarök tips from Zoe.

Considering digital downloads are not included in this statement from GfK, God of War Ragnarök looks on course to be one of the best performing first party Sony games.

In addition to this, Bloch also revealed more than half of PlayStation 5 console sales this week were part of Sonys promotional God of War bundle.

Eurogamer recently awarded God of War Ragnarök a Recommended badge, with Chris calling it a “triumphant return” for the series.

Meanwhile, I am one of the many working their way through the nine realms with Kratos and Atreus. If you are keen to hear more about some of the little details I have noticed on my playthrough so far, I have put together a little piece about them here.

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