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Ghostwire: Tokyo's upcoming R.E.A.L. VR mod is the best way to experience the game by far

Ghostwire: Toyko is one of the exceedingly small number of video games that Ive been bothered to grab all the trophies for. It wasnt a fun Platinum either as, after about 10 hours in, the game gets rather repetitive and the trophy hunt becomes an absolute mind-numbing grind for collectibles.

So why did I do I bother then? You might be thinking. Well, simply put, I absolutely loved the look and the feel of Tango Gameworks version of Shibuya. The way the rain soaked streets reflect the neon signs is mesmerising to me. The gloriously detailed environments makes it feel like you really are in a real, living city in the moments after its inhabitants were spooky-raptured. Its such a beautiful space to inhabit and as a bit of a Japanophile who recently spent his honeymoon wandering around parts of Shibuya that feature in the game, playing Ghostwire: Tokyo is also a great way to soak up the vibe of the city and indulge in some memories of my trip.

But now, thanks to an upcoming mod from master VR modder Luke Ross, Im able to experience the world of Ghostwire: Tokyo like I was actually there and its by far my most preferred way to play the game. Want to see what all the fuss is about? You can watch me lose my mind over petting Shiba Inus in VR in this weeks VR Corner (below).

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Its so hard to get across just how amazing being wrapped up inside the world of Ghostwire: Tokyo is. The quality of the visuals and the detail to the world means that everything feels life-like and believable and this massively ramps up the immersion. The colours and the particle effects that swirl around and explode in front of your face like spectral fireworks everytime you vanquish a ghost or absorb some unfortunate spirits are jaw-dropping. To say experiencing Ghostwire: Tokyo like this is a treat for the eyes is an understatement. Its just beautiful.

Although its difficult to pick my favourite moment from the video above (the views across the city once I finally got up high were close), I do have to give a massive shoutout out to the levels that feature the warped and twisted versions of the interiors of peoples apartments. The way these areas twist, change and become drenched in surreal and spooky art looks unbelievably cool in VR and at points, almost like a big budget theme park attraction.

Just like all of Lukes other mods, Ghostwire: Tokyo does not have motion controls, so unfortunately you wont be able to use physical gestures to attack foes. Even with controller in hand though, its an incredible experience and well worth checking out if you have the ability.

The mod itself is still work-in-progress but it should be available any day now. When its finally ready, youll be able to find Lukes Ghostwire: Tokyo R.E.A.L. VR mod, along with all his other mods, on his Patreon page.

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