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Former Hand of Fate devs unveil "gritty" turn-based superhero RPG Capes

Spitfire Interactive, a new studio established by key members of the team that worked on acclaimed deck-building dungeon-crawler Hand of Fate, has unveiled Capes, a “gritty” new turn-based superhero RPG coming to Steam next year.

Capes takes place in a world where, during the Golden Age of superheroes, the villains finally managed to get the upperhand, completely wiping out humanitys protectors. Two decades on, however, in a dystopian city where superpowers are outlawed, a new generation of superheroes begins to rise with the goal of finally ending the reign of evil once and for all.

In gameplay terms, that action manifests as turn-based tactical battles where players deploy their super-powered units around the map, either travelling on-foot or via teleportation, to fight goons and supervillains, and rescue reluctant citizens.

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Capes – Reveal Trailer.

“Combine superpowers to create iconic strategies worthy of their own comic book panel,” explains Spitfire, “like slinging a spiky-crystal-covered powerhouse head-first into a villains chest.” Then, between missions, players can recruit and train new heroes, and upgrade their units efficiencies and stats. Theres a taste of Capes action in the announcement trailer above.

Spitfire says itll be launching Capes onto Steam sometime in “Q1” next year.

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