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Find out how F1 Manager's "cutting-edge" motion capture "brings the game to life"

Frontier has released another instalment of its F1 Manager behind-the-scenes series, this time focussing on how its “cutting-edge motion capture technology has been used to recreate those dramatic moments during a race weekend”.

The video also showcases how the team worked alongside the BWT Alpine F1 Team to capture a real F1 pit stop, which you will see “brought to life in the game”.

Its a fascinating glimpse into how games are made, and the lengths developers go to to try and create an authentic sim experience. Check it out below:

F1 Manager 2022 | Behind The Scenes #4 | TRUE TO FORM.

“Players are welcomed into the studio for the day, as they are immersed in the emotion of F1 through impressive motion capture technology,” the team explains. “From podium celebrations to live reactions following a successful overtake, F1 Manager 2022 replicates the broadcast-style camera shots seen by fans across the globe during moments of high drama.

“To accomplish this, Frontier brought together a group of professional motion capture performers and used real F1 car components, bringing further depth and immersion to the hub of race weekend activity.”

Frontier Developments F1 Manager 2022 sim is slated to release on 30th August, 2022. Where most games focus on the driving, F1 Manager 2022 has you stepping up to Team Principal to lead your team to championship glory. Youll be able to play it on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC via Steam. Pre-order it, though, and youll get to play it five days ahead of that planned street date.

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