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Final Fantasy 14's next patch will arrive early January 2023

Final Fantasy 14's Island Sanctuary

Final Fantasy 14s next patch, 6.3, is called Gods Revel, Lands Tremble and will be released in early January 2023.

Among its various updates, the duty support system will now be extended to include remaining Heavensward dungeons. That means almost the entire game, besides Stormblood, will be playable solo.

Further changes will also come in patch 6.35, including an update to the farming sim mode Island Sanctuary.

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Gods Revels, Lands Tremble will provide new main scenario quests and side story quests, as well as new trials and raids, and a new Leap of Faith map in the Gold Saucer.

New housing wards will also be added to existing districts, so more homes can be bought by players.

This will be followed by patch 6.35, which will add quality of life improvements to the Island Sanctuary, as well as new ranks, crops, animals and more.

News of the future patches was revealed in the latest Letter from the Producer stream, you can watch on Twitch.

The duty support system is particularly exciting, allowing players to complete the main story of the game solo.

Yoshida told Eurogamer this was aimed at creating an entry point for new players.

“The main point is not that we are focusing exclusively on single-player content in particular, but rather that the scale of the game, its content, and development has finally grown to the extent that we can provide content tailored to solo players,” he said.

“Another reason is that in further developing Final Fantasy 14 and expanding its scale, I want to guide people who have been thinking that connecting with other players is a pain in MMORPGs so that ultimately theyll come to appreciate the fun of playing with others. As an entry point into the game, being able to play the main scenario solo is a huge plus.”

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