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Final Fantasy 14 servers suffering DDoS attack in North America

Final Fantasy 14 Island Sanctuary

Final Fantasy 14 players are struggling to log in to servers due to a DDoS attack.

A new post on The Lodestone states “technical difficulties due to a DDoS attack”, meaning players in North American data centre Worlds may be disconnected, have difficulty logging in, or difficulty accessing, sending, and receiving data.

“We are investigating the attack and taking countermeasures. Additional information will be provided as the situation develops,” reads the post.

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FINAL FANTASY XIV Patch 6.1 – Newfound Adventure

A DDoS attack disrupts servers by flooding them with network traffic well beyond their normal capacity.

Players on Twitter have posted images of login queues at well over a thousand players.

Its unclear who is behind the attacks, or why theyre occurring.

It could perhaps be due to the postponement of the North American Data Centre expansion, originally due for August 2022 but now pushed back to November 2022 owing to the semiconductor shortage.

August will see the release of the next patch 6.2, Buried Memory, which will include a new Island Sanctuary farming sim mode.

The next Letter from the Producer Live stream will take place on 12th August at 11am UK time.

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