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FIFA 23 fans spot T-pose shenanigans in EA's gameplay trailer


Yesterday, EA had its big gameplay reveal for FIFA 23 which showed off all the fancy current-gen features in action.

But some eagle-eyed fans noticed that the polish for the trailer was not all there.

Skip to 3:06, and youll notice a player doing a T-Pose as the narrator discusses how the improvements to the game make it feel more like “real world football.”

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Another person noticed that this player was actually two players from the opposing teams (Dortmund and Real Madrid) phasing into each other.

Better yet, if you pause at 3:08 youll also spot a Real Madrid player staring off into the distance seemingly uninterested in the ball.

But what is spectacular is the jokes made at the expense of EA.

“What do you mean, its clearly an intended gameplay feature,” one sarcastic commentator remarked.

“Is this what they mean by dynamic crossing?” asked another.

EA live service games have notoriously been riddled with bugs at launch, as our coverage of Battlefield 2042 has shown.

Time will tell whether FIFA 23 will share the same fate, although given its the last EA published football game with the FIFA licence, one would hope EA would like to end the franchise on a high note.

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