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Fan-made Final Fantasy 14 VR mod in the works

Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker

A fan-made VR mod for Final Fantasy 14 will have an alpha release “soon”.

The mod comes courtesy of modders Marulu and Streetrat, who previously worked on a Half Life 2 VR mod.

The mod for Final Fantasy 14 will support both first and third person, motion controls, and more.

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Marulu wrote in the Flat2VR Discord server that the first-person mod is largely experimental, reports PCGamer.

With all the magical effects and environmental hazards, a first-person view would be incredibly disorientating, so third-person mode is the way to go.

Still, that offers an amazing view of the action, with the UI overlaid on the action as head tilts control the camera.

🔥 Upcoming Final Fantasy XIV VR Mod 🔥

The extremely talented modders Marulu & Streetrat who worked on HL2 VR have been working on a full 6DOF VR mod for one of the best MMOs, FF XIV.

The mod will support 1st & 3rd person, motion controls and more! Alpha releasing soon! pic.twitter.com/SX4XZtjcDu

— Flat2VR (@Flat2VR) November 4, 2022

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Controller users will have an advantage too as mouse and keyboard wont be supported due to a misalignment with the cursor and the VR UI. Keybinds will be a necessity.

The alpha release of the mod will have a controller profile for the Valve Index – other controllers are supported but button mapping will need to be done manually.

Youll need a powerful PC setup to get it all running though. Moreover, Square Enix isnt fond of players using mods so youll need to use a custom launcher.

That said, this is an impressive way to immerse yourself in the world of Eorzea.

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