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Newscast: Who will buy PlayStation VR2?

This week on the Eurogamer Newscast, we react to Sonys eye-opening announcement of its PlayStation VR2 pricing, alongside Eurogamers resident VR superfan and advocate Ian Higton as a special guest.

The PSVR2 is a high-end device and it was never going to be cheap, but its £530 cost (£570 if you actually also want something to play) has placed it out of reach for many console players – let alone those without a PS5 already. Of the many headset options available, Sonys was expected to be the most likely to attract a wider audience and grow the budding VR scene. But with that price, and a line-up of games you can mostly play elsewhere, why not choose another option – if you are interested in VR at all?

Eurogamers Ed Nightingale and Ishraq Subhan join Ian and me as we discuss why the headset costs so much, what Sony could do to sweeten the deal, and what future we think PSVR2 now has at that price point.

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Eurogamer Newscast: Who will buy PlayStation VR2?

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