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Elden Ring's pacifist turtle pope wins modded battle royale

BjornTheBear's winning turtle pope

A modder created a battle royale between all the creatures in Elden Ring, and the pacifist turtle pope won.

YouTuber BjornTheBear decided to pit the top 21 animal field bosses against one another in a battle to the death on Caelids battlefield, to determine which was the strongest.

This was done over a series of rounds, firstly with each creature at their usual strength and then scaled to match.

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The video, spotted by Kotaku, sees dragons, giant hands, those dreaded lobsters, bears and more battling it out to decide the victor.

Yet the first round ends as a tie between Elder Dragon Greyoll and turtle pope Miriel. Then in the second round, the finalists kill each other simultaneously, leaving Miriel the victor.

It seems that, as the turtle remains perfectly still, the AI of the other creatures forget about him and battle each other instead.

“The turtle didnt prove anything,” says BjornTheBear beneath his video.

But thats not true. If anything, it proves that pacifism truly is the path to victory.

You can check out the full video below for more creature battle royales.

Elsewhere in Elden Ring, a community of hardcore players are disappointed with the games PvP multiplayer due to balance issues.

“The ULTIMATE Battle Royale of Animals – Elden Ring”, by BjornTheBear.

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