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Easter egg lets you play Flight Simulator inside Flight Simulator 2020

A Flight Simulator 2020 Easter egg has been discovered which allows players to play the first four games in the series in-game, from the comfort of your virtual cockpit.

The throwback was introduced as part of the games 40th Anniversary Edition update which went live over the weekend.

The Easter egg was found by Redditor HughesMDflyer4, who shared how to activate it on the Flight Simulator subreddit.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary Edition trailer.

To join in the sim-ception, youll need to load up in a Diamond DA62 and go to the cockpit. From there, flip the ELT (near the bottom right of the dashboard) to the on position, and then Flight Simulator (within Flight Simulator) will be ready to play on the screen in front of you.

Players can choose between Flight Simulator 1 to 4 by changing the version at the top of the screen. The game is played entirely on the small display and controlled by clicking on the keys on the screen.

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The 40th Anniversary Edition update added plenty of new content to Flight Simulator, including new aircraft, airports and missions. Its available for free on both Xbox Serise X/S and Game Pass. Read more about the update on the official Xbox blog.

Whats next? Playing Flight Simulator (2020) inside Flight Simulator (2020), which itself is playing Flight Simulator (1982)? Playing Flight Simulator (1982) inside Flight Simulator (2020) whilst on a flight simulator experience in real life?

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