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Diablo Immortal players hit back at Blizzard's decision to change the description of premium gems

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Diablo Immortal players have hit back at Blizzard and are demanding refunds after the developer claimed an item in the games shop had a “text description discrepancy”.

Community manager SinfulScribe posted a comment on the games subreddit earlier this week, stating that thanks to “the helpful efforts of the community”, the team had identified the issue and deployed an update to rectify the error.

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“Through the helpful efforts of the community, we were alerted to a text description discrepancy with the Blessing of the Worthy Legendary Gem,” they explained. “At a certain rank, the gems description changed from maximum life to current life verbiage, leaving players reasonably confused on which of the two descriptions was intended.

“Im here to tell you that was have patched this bug and will be pushing through the following text update for the Blessing of the Worthy Legendary Gem once our next Content Update goes live. This information will also be mentioned in our upcoming Content Update blog.”

The fix comes too late for some, though, as many have already spent real-life money on the gem, including expensive bundles and packs, as mb303030 explains:

“While I appreciate the communication here, people, myself included, bought the gem thinking it was based off full life. Blizzard literally sold packs for cash with the wrong description. Its unacceptable to just come now and say my bad and pretend like you didnt literally just pull a bait and switch. You should refund all buyers of the blessing packs, or at least give the players equal eternal orb value of their purchase.”

“Why so many repeated slaps in the face to the community?!” asked aK-th3-0n3. “This gem was falsely advertised and players bought it with the intent that it would work as described.”

“Blessing of the Scam-Typo,” added another unhappy player.

100+ comments and three days later, Blizzard has seemingly not responded to requests from players for some kind of additional remedy (thanks, PCGN).

Blizzard boss Mike Ybarra defended the controversial microtransactions found in Diablo Immortal earlier this year, stating that the “vast majority” of players were not spending any money within the game.

“The philosophy was always to lead with great gameplay and make sure that hundreds of millions of people can go through the whole campaign without any costs. From that standpoint, I feel really good about it as an introduction to Diablo,” he said.

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