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Diablo Immortal players are reporting a new bug that is "reducing XP for everyone"

Diablo Immortal character

Diablo Immortal players are reporting a new bug that is “reducing XP for everyone”.

A thread on the games subreddit community – complete with examples and screenshots – is claiming that “there’s a bug that reduces the XP earned on a significant portion of kills and XP globes”.

“We don’t fully understand why or when it will happen,” explains u/staplepies (thanks, NME), whos one of five players “looking at this on and off for the last month or so”.

“It seems to vary in frequency/impact from zone to zone, and possibly based on the time of day, but we’ve yet to be able to discern any reliable pattern or cause. But overall, it can cause a double-digit percent reduction in XP – sometimes seemingly as much as 50 per cent.”

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“Under normal circumstances, you always get the same XP for every mob of a certain type,” they say. “In Shassar Oasis, there are three mob types – Dust Imps (54XP), Drubs (48XP), and Sand Golems (129XP). When XP is unbugged, you can go hours and only ever see these three values (or whatever the corresponding values are for your current XP penalty) in this location for non-elite mobs. (I’m intentionally using just kills from non-elite mobs to keep things simple here, but the bug happens for elite mobs as well.) But then you might start to notice some odd entries.”

In some instances, the player reports getting 42 XP and other seemingly random amounts, which they believe “shouldnt happen”.

“When things are really bad, you can see runs of kills where every single one is bugged,” they add.

The post goes on to discuss and discard possible hypotheses, including factors such as buffs/abilities, party size, and distance from party members. It also invites feedback from players – and Blizzard itself – to see if they can get to the bottom of it.

“Help bring this to Blizzard’s attention,” they conclude. “Its possible the bug is random enough that only the developers will have enough information to figure out why its happening. And either way, this needs to be addressed/fixed.”

Diablo Immortal has stemmed the flow of falling Blizzard user numbers, and given the company a modest increase in monthly active engagement. After falling to 22 million monthly active users for the quarter ending in March 2022, Diablo Immortal has helped Blizzard back to 27 million for the quarter ending at the beginning of July.

ICYMI, Overwatch 2 arrives as a free-to-play early access title in October, before Diablo 4 at some point in 2023.

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