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Detroit: Become Human has a manga series set in Tokyo

Banner for Detroit: Become Human Tokyo Stories showing Reina, an android idol.

An official Detroit: Become Human manga series is launching on 22nd July in Japan.

Titled as Detroit: Become Human Tokyo Stories, the comic will follow the story of Japans own android revolution.

A short synopsis and some panels have been released on Famitsu in Japanese. The story is set in 2038 and stars Reina, an android idol. It seems that Tokyo Stories takes place alongside the original story of Detroit: Become Human, contrasting the largely hostile attitudes to androids seen in the game with a society that is much more accepting of them.

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PlayStation Japans Detroit tie-in film Tokyo: Become Human.

The manga is written by Kazami Sawatari and illustrated by Moto Sumida, who announced the project via Twitter.



『Detroit: Become Human TOKYO STORIES』


7月22日より世界同時公開! pic.twitter.com/l4rvy3IOAn

— 猿渡かざみ🦀新刊6月17日W発売 (@sawatari_kazami) July 20, 2022

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Quantic Dream will also be overseeing the project – though with separate writers this ideally means it is kept as far away from David Cages hands as possible. Serialisation is set to begin tomorrow on Comic Bridge, which can be accessed globally. No plans for an English release have been mentioned.

From the information shared so far, it doesnt sound like itll tie into the Tokyo: Become Human short film. Created by PlayStation Japan to promote the games release in 2018, the film was centred around a student and a librarian android.

Detroit: Become Human sold well in Japan and was so popular upon release that bars were even serving drinks inspired by thirium, the in-game android blood.

デトロイトのイメージカクテルは今後も継続的にご用意しております。本日も17:00オープン、皆様のお越しをお待ちしております~❗#DetroitBecomeHuman pic.twitter.com/IxcXjnwScZ

— SF-Dining&Bar 新宿FLUX (SFバー ®) (@Shinjukuflux) August 15, 2018

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