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Desta: The Memories Between out now on Netflix app

Desta in The Memories Between

Desta: The Memories Between, the new game from Monument Valley developer ustwo, is available now on the Netflix app.

PC and console releases are expected in the near future, but for now it can be played on mobile for those with a Netflix subscription.

The game is “a character-driven rogue-like exploring themes such as self-reflection, loss, regret, and identity” and as a live service game is the studios most ambitious yet. Check out the animated launch trailer below.

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Desta: The Memories Betweens launch trailer.

The lead character, the titular Desta, is the studios first non-binary character, with the game also exploring sexuality, gender, and LGBT+ relationships.

“This is an exciting new avenue for us, giving players the opportunity to grow and engage with Desta in a meaningful way over the coming months. We look forward to taking players even further into Destas dreams,” said ustwo games chief creative officer, Danny Gray.

Further, ustwo will be donating three percent of profits to youth organisations. That follows its tree-planting campaign for previous game Alba.

And for Monument Valley fans, theres the recent PC release: the Panoramic Collection.

Earlier this week, Netflix announced the creation of its first in-house game studio, based in Helsinki.

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