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Death is coming quickly in The Sims 4, after update adds ageing glitch

The death of a sim can be an emotional time. The Grim Reaper shows up with his scythe in hand, the family gathers around to send their loved one off, and a period of mourning descends upon the house. But, if a Sim has lived a good, long life, this can also be a chance for celebration in recognition of time well spent.

However, a new glitch was accidentally introduced in a recent update for The Sims 4, and it is fast tracking this whole process. This means that some elderly sims have been dropping dead well before their time. As well as this, children are rapidly becoming teens, teens becoming young adults and so on.

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Head to High-School in the Sims 4.

Players are reporting this all happening after a visit to create-a-sim (CAS), or during the loading screens. This is even when the games “Long Lifespan” is enabled.

for some people it was every time they entered a LOADING screen. There’s a LOT of those in Sims.

Also reported- needs bars being different colors and not visually decreasing normally leading to Sims starving to death😭

— HIS0KATH (on family vacation) (@HIS0KATH) July 27, 2022

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In response to this blip, The Sims 4 quality designer SimGuruNick has assured the community that EA is looking into the issue.

Were investigating this, thanks much for letting me know! https://t.co/Wmze5mLitb

— SimGuruNick (@SimGuruNick) July 26, 2022

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In the meantime, EA recommends that players use a new save file and disable Long Lifespan as a temporary measure.

Hey Simmers! We are currently investigating instances involving Sims auto-aging up in saves using the Short or Long lifespan. We recommend temporarily playing in or creating new saves with the default/“normal” lifespan, as we work towards a solution.

— The Sims (@TheSims) July 27, 2022

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I wont lie, though. My sims rarely make it to old age anyway. I am one of those players that has been known to remove pool ladders and create an impenetrable boundary around the outside to ensure there is no escape. Also, you know, cowplant. I promise you though, I am quite a nice person in real life.

Meanwhile, last month, werewolves were introduced to The Sims 4. If you are keen to get your claws on this pack but arent sure about the who, what, when and weres, check out our guide on all things furry here.

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