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Chivalry 2 comes to Xbox Game Pass today

We do not yet have the full roster for this months selection of Xbox Game Pass titles, but we do now have at least one more confirmed.

Yes, medieval multiplayer Chivalry 2 is making its way onto Microsofts subscription service today.

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Enjoy the knight life with Chivalry 2.

“Chivalry 2 is coming… and youre gonna need a battlecry,” Microsoft proclaimed via its Xbox Game Pass Twitter account, alongside a short clip showing off some of the in-game shenanigans you too will be able to take part in. This includes running into the fray clutching a chicken and launching yourself off battlements.

Chivalry 2 is coming tomorrow and youre gonna need a battlecry. Drop emojis below to paint a picture of how youll be yelling in battle pic.twitter.com/nIRvqNIaHS

— Xbox Game Pass (@XboxGamePass) October 3, 2022

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Chivalry 2 first released last year across platforms. Its hack-and-slash gameplay is inspired by “epic mediaeval movie battles” says developer Torn Banner Studios.

But while the company may say epic movie, my head says Monty Python, as you can keep on playing even with missing limbs. Ah, tis but a flesh wound…

Other games that we know to be coming to the service this month include Eville and Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed, which will be added on 11th and 18th respectively.

Following these releases, Norco, the acclaimed Southern Gothic adventure from developer Geography of Robots, will join the service on 20th October.

Meanwhile, striking multi-character survival horror Saturnalia will arrive a week later, on 27th October.

For a full rundown on everything Xbox Game Pass, you can check out our guide here.

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