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Check out the development roadmap and DLC heading to Sker Rituals

Wales Interactive has released a new DLC teaser and development roadmap for its “round-based co-op survival FPS” Maid of Sker spin-off, Sker Ritual.

“Here is our updated Roadmap for Early Access!” exclaims Wales Interactive. “It does not list everything we are working on (we have to keep some things a surprise!) and is only a response to the majority of features requested in the Steam Forum, Steam Reviews and on the Discord.”

Sker Ritual – Episode 1: The Cursed Lands of Lavernock Trailer.

The studio adds that the list “doesnt include many of the on-going development such as new episodes (and the base content released for each episode), optimisation, network improvements, balancing, UI and QOL etc” and confirms that the ping system, re-roll miracles, POV increase, enemy-auto-respawn times reduction and XP levels have already been addressed.

Features tagged as “coming soon” include new map The Ashes of Sker Hotel, Miracles 2.0, easter eggs, in-game difficulty slider and “improved difficulty curve”, amongst others. There are also a mod workshop, prestige system, Twitch drops, weapons, outfits, and Steam Deck resolution boosts also under “consideration”, along with modded maps, VR support, and leaderboards.

Sker Ritual released at the beginning of October and is currently available via early access on Steam. Its set to leave early access in Q1 2023.

The original Maid of Sker is rooted in Welsh folklore, retelling the supposedly true tale of Elizabeth Williams, said to have have died of a broken heart after being locked inside her home by her controlling father.

“In truth, theres little here that innovates or improves on a well-worn formula, and in many ways, Maid of Sker is a by-rote indie horror that does little to surprise the player or push the genre forward,” I wrote when I reviewed Maid of Sker last year.

“That said, while I cant pretend I enjoyed the agonising stealth and combat mechanics, I cant deny that despite its flaws, I enjoyed exploring Sker Hotel and uncovering its intriguing tale.”

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