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Call of Duty Warzone 2.0's launch has been a bit of a mess

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0s launch has been a resounding success based on player statistics alone. But it hasnt been all rosy.

Players have been experiencing a range of issues, from crashing clients to not being able to download the game at all.

Activision Blizzards Battle.Net client disabled downloads yesterday evening across America and Europe.

#Bnet digital downloads are currently unavailable. We hope to have them up and running soon.

— Blizzard CS EU (@BlizzardCSEU_EN) November 16, 2022

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While Warzone players could just switch to Steam on PC, it left paying players of Modern Warfare 2 (as well as other premium Activision Blizzard games) unable to download or update their games.

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Those who did manage to get past this first hurdle also faced in-game server issues, ranging from poor latency to not being able to connect at all.

And for those of you wanting to squad up with your friends, the latest patch has broken the Social Tab, which facilities cross-platform invites and party requests.

Helpfully, there is a workaround, where players are instructed to use the Voice Channels feature to invite players. Voice Channels effectively acts like a Discord voice channel, where players can join and speak to each other. You get most of the functionality of the Social Tab too.

PC players have also reported regular crashes at random intervals when playing. Updating your GPU drivers may help with this, but it will ultimately come down to Infinity Ward pushing out a bug fix.

Finally, a rather egregious bug has appeared in one of the new Modern Warfare 2 maps which arrived with Season One. In Shoot House, there are invisible walls in front of some lines of sight, which block all bullets and projectiles from passing through. This is an issue that needs to be urgently addressed.

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On the positive side, the Season One patch also brought a significant amount of much needed weapon balancing and the promotion of Private Ping to General statute. You can read about all the changes here.

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