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Bloodborne's gun parrying added to Elden Ring in new mod

Gun parrying Elden Ring mod

Anyone wishing Elden Ring had guns, well now theres a mod to fix that.

The brand new mod from Garden of Eyes adds gun parrying to the game, inspired by the same mechanic in Bloodborne.

The mod makes the Soldiers Pistol and Tarnished Bullets available in crafting, which can be shot to counter enemy attacks. Yes, that includes bosses like Malenia.

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Elden Ring Lore: Ranni and the Night of the Black Knives

The Garden of Eyes mod includes a plethora of other changes too.

Horse skins have been added, meaning you can ride around on the Draconic Tree Sentinel horse or the Knights Cavalry horse using different whistles. More rides will be added soon.

Further, the mod adds brand new weapons made from scratch, such as Miquellas twin blade, with custom models, animations and attacks.

Other existing weapons have been reimagined with new attacks too, including expanding the abilities of boss weapons.

The mod is available on the Garden of Eyes Patreon page.

Gun Parrying, Horse Skins & Restored Weapons in Elden Ring Overhaul Mod

The modding scene for Elden Ring really has exploded. More is yet to come, especially the much anticipated Convergence Mod that will considerably alter gameplay.

Until then, maybe cut out the Erdtree if youre experiencing frame rate troubles.

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