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Batman-less Gotham Knights gets prequel comic starring Batman

Gotham Knights - Gilded City cover art.

Gotham Knights, the upcoming game where you play as a bunch of Batmans sidekicks, will get a six-issue comic book prequel starring the Dark Knight himself.

The upcoming prequel comic, titled as Gotham Knights – Gilded City, focuses on Batman as he attempts to quell the spread of a rage-inducing virus infecting Gotham City (thanks, PopVerse).

This case is being billed as Batmans final mission before his apparently very much permanent demise, so theres likely some interesting backstory here relevant to the game.

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A look at Robin in Gotham Knights.

Theres also a storyline which connects events to Gotham in the 1880s, and an early masked vigilante named Runaway. It all sounds quite interesting, to be honest!

As a reminder, Gotham Knights is the next project from Arkham Oranges studio Warner Bros Montreal, and is set after the apparent death of the caped crusader.

Instead of Batman, who starred in the excellent Arkham trilogy, Gotham Knights will feature Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin and Red Hood as playable characters.

Issue #1 of Gotham Knights – Gilded City will launch alongside the game on 25th October, meaning future chapters will only be available after the games release. (I wonder if it includes spoilers?) Alternatively, collected editions of all six issues will be available in July 2023.

Earlier this year, publisher Warner Bros announced it had ditched the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Gotham Knights to focus on newer consoles.

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