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Arcade Paradise is something special, and so much more

Bertie, Christian Donlan and Ed Nightingale are on a video podcast call together, and they're all laughing, having a jolly good time.

Its another Friday and another Weekly – the show that recaps and discusses the week on Eurogamer for you. And remember, premium supporters of Eurogamer get these episodes every Friday, whereas everyone else listens from Monday.

Today on Weekly, news reporter Ed Nightingale talks about running a university of his own in Two-Point Campus, which he really liked. And we hear from Christian Donlan about a game Ive been really looking forward to, Cult of the Lamb. Spoiler: its good.

But Christian is more excited about the game hes reviewing now – a game called Arcade Paradise. Its a game about running a laundrette but also an arcade within it, which, with time and careful management, will grow into the main attraction.

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