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Side sleeping is considered to be the best sleeping position since it keeps the backbone aligned. However, the drawback of side sleeping is that while sleeping, the whole body weight falls on the hip and shoulder, which causes pain. The pain can get worse if not taken seriously on time. It can also cause discomfort, due to which the body feels sluggish and lazy. The productive are affected the most by disturbed sleeping patterns. 

One can easily get a good quality mattress for a side sleeper by simply clicking on Furthermore, good quality mattresses are very easily available in the market but buy the best one for yourself can be a complicated job. Each body type has different requirements hence a separate mattress for another body. However, one can identify the preferences of the mattress. The priorities include; the size, type, and budget. 

Size of the mattress: 

Primarily there are three sizes available in the market; twin, queen, and king-sized mattresses. King-sized mattresses are the largest size available. They are expensive and take a lot of space. But if you have the budget and a big room, then king size mattress is what you should get. Queen-sized mattresses are medium-sized mattresses. They are smaller than king-sized mattresses, but they can easily accommodate two people and don’t take a lot of space. These mattresses are of ideal size and price. A middle-class person can easily afford a queen-sized mattress. Lastly, the twin-sized mattress is the smallest size available. These mattresses are good if you don’t have a lot of money or sleep alone. Moreover, the size doesn’t take a lot of space, so if you live in a small apartment, twin sizes are best for you.

Type of the material: 

Mainly, there are three types of mattresses available in the market; hybrid, spring, and foam. There might be more variation, but these are the most common materials available in the market. Hybrid mattresses are a combination of spring and foam mattresses. They are considered to be the best for side sleepers as the material is responsive, gives a hug feeling. Moreover, they push back the pressure points, which prevents body aches. Spring mattresses are bouncy. They are suitable for people who either sleep on their back or stomachs. Foam mattresses are firm and highly recommended for people who have bad body postures. 


The price range of mattresses differs from company to company. By doing a survey, one can get the best-priced mattress. International companies charge more than local, and they provide the same quality of the mattress. Hence, it is wise to choose a mattress from a local company. Moreover, if you are really tight on budget, then you can choose a twin mattress if you sleep alone or a queen if your partner is moving in with you. King-sized mattresses are humongous and take up a lot of space. Therefore they are not recommended. 

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